Behind The Eye

The colors of the evil eye, also known as a Mati, Ojo Turco, Mal de Ojo or Nazar, that all carry their own meaning.

Dark blue evil eye means karma and fate protectionDark Blue- Karma and fate protection, Calm and relaxation, Open flow of communication.

what does the light blue evil eye charm meanLight Blue - General protection, Broadening your perspective, Solitude and peace.

What does dark green evil eye charm meanDark Green - Garners happiness, Balance in your life, Freedom to pursue new ideas.

Orange evil eye bead stands for protectionCoral of Orange for protection- Happiness and protection, Motivation for commitment, Increase creativity and playfulness.


Red evil eye meaningRed - Brings you courage, More enthusiasm and energy, Protection from fears and anxieties.


Brown evil eye meaningBrown - Protection from the elements, Connection with nature, Orderliness and convention.


Purple evil eye meaningPurple - Boost your imagination, Re-balance your life, To remove obstacles.


Yellow or gold evil eye meaning Yellow or Gold - Protect your health, Relief from exhaustion, Sharper mind and concentration.


Grey evil eye meaningGrey - Protect against sorrow, Openness to new situations, Reduce intensity of another color.


Light green evil eye charmLight Green - Success with your dreams, Enjoyment and contentment, Good health.


White evil eye meaningWhite - Purity and focus, Clear clutter and obstacles, To start fresh.


Pink evil eye meaningPink - Protect your friendships, Calming feeling, Content and relaxation.


What does evil eye mean?

The evil eye is believed to be a malicious stare that can bring bad luck to the person receiving it. It is a widespread belief that is held by many cultures throughout the world. It is often believed that the evil eye can cause bad luck, injury, or misfortune. 

History of evil eye

The origin of the evil eye can be quite a matter of debate as different religions interpret it in their way. However, its history can be traced back to Classical Greek antiquity. Many classical Greek authors like Callimachus, Diodorus Siculus, Plutarch, Pliny the Elder, Hesiod, Plato, Theocritus, Aulus Gellius, and Heliodorus have mentioned it in their works. 

Evil eye symbol meaning

The Hamsa, meaning of the evil eye symbol, represents protection from all types of evil glare. The Hamsa hand has an open right hand with two symmetrical thumbs and an eye at the palm’s center. It denotes that the symbol’s holder can stay protected from any malicious glare that can bring in bad luck, Damage, or injury to the person. Moreover, it is believed that the eye can redirect the glare back at the person who casts an evil eye.

Thus, it is seen as a lucky charm across different communities and cultures throughout the world. The evil eye symbol can also be solitary without the hand in place, but its essence still stays the same.